Monthly Archives: April 2009

How To Feel Better

Well, we often feel bad sometimes. And if we don’t do something about it, we end up somewhere bad. So I try to list simple thing we can do to feel better on those kind of situation:  Talk to your self – it is not really bad talking to your self once in a while. It always helps you to ... Read More »

How To Work Self Discipline

Self Discipline

Having self-discipline is always my problem. Today, I try listing the things I need to accomplish this week. But still I get to waste few hours of my time. This is also one reason why I improve slowly. So, I try to search the net how to gain self discipline. As I read thru them, I realize that I know ... Read More »

Looking Back the Grammars

Yesterday I did a major review to this blog, from the very beginning of the post, to the newest one. It took me about 9 hours. I know I am getting better with my writing skills, and looking back to the very first post I have, which was two years ago, made me see the big improvement of my life, ... Read More »