Buying Your Child Their First Camera

Cameras are everywhere these days, and it’s no surprise that when kids see us all taking dozens of shots on our phones and digital cameras every time we take them out for the day, they want to get involved. While in the past buying a child a camera would have also come with all of the responsibilities of conserving film and waiting for pictures to be developed, it is now incredibly easy with digital photography to let kids take as many pictures as they want and experiment with photography. Photography can turn into a hobby that will last them a lifetime (or even a career!) and also gives them a chance to capture their own memories of special occasions and days out.

If your child is expressing an interest in having their first camera, here are some tips for helping you choose one that is suitable and helping them get the most out of it.

Tough Cameras!

There are digital cameras specifically designed for young children, which are built with simple controls, large buttons and tougher than usual casing to protect them from being dropped or bashed around. While you will of course need to teach your child that their camera is not a toy, picking a resilient model made for kids will give you peace of mind – you don’t want to have to be nervous about them breaking it on its first use.

For older children who have decided they’d like to get into photography, you can consider a more basic adult model, as children of about 8 and up will generally be able to get the hang of the controls if the features are minimal, and will also be able to operate the dinky buttons and take care of a small, more fragile camera. You may also think about finding one that has video filming features so they can record film with it as well as taking still photos. Older children will probably also be interested in features like a flash, zoom, and some fun filters that can let them give their pictures new effects.

Managing Your Kids’ Photos

Letting your child sit with you while you upload their pictures from their camera to your computer and working with them to edit them in a photo editing package can be a good way to teach them more about photography, and if you have a photo printer you can print out copies of the best shots to put in your kids’ photo albums. You can also work with them to send the pictures to other members of the family or show them how you upload them to your Facebook account for all of your friends to see.

Older children may be interested in handling these tasks on their own on the family computer, so make sure you have some photo editing software installed and let them get creative with it. One of the best things about modern digital photography is having the ability to play with and fix the pictures you have taken, which was never an option with old film cameras, so let them experiment and see what they come up with!

This post has been contributed by Keith Fernandes, an employee at Board Book Albums, LLC. He is very fond of pets and he likes volunteering at the local animal shelter in his free time.

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